sending cards is a great way to show you love someone!


Since 2006 Cat has been making greetings cards. They started out just as photos (or “moments in time”) that Cat had taken and wanted to share. That’s still the case and there is a huge range of images to choose from – flowers, animals, landscapes and more.

If you would like to order any custom cards, eg. Wedding thank you cards with your own photo (she does the production) or request anything else in the card or design range, go ahead to the contact page and ask! The card catalogue will one day go online, but meanwhile you can get a catalogue emailed to you.

** SALE **

Order your mixed pack of 10 cards now!

Pack of ten cards for £10*!! (that’s £1 per card.)

Useful for any occasion when you suddenly need a card to hand!

*Plus Shipping (UK – £13 including postage) (US – $20 including shipping) (EU – €15 including shipping) for orders of ten cards.

Please fill out an order form and I’ll send you a email with ways to pay or a PayPal Invoice.


Mixed pack A and B are mostly different cards - photographs of different things for different occasions. Blank cards with a brown kraft envelope. The Christmas pack is a mixed bundle including some designed/illustrated cards - designed by Cat.

For Mixed Pack A:
10 cards20 cards30 cards

For Mixed Pack B:
10 cards20 cards30 cards

For Christmas Pack:
10 cards20 cards30 cards

You can have it posted to you, or pick up if you see me!
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