Cat Davis

Cat began playing the cello when she was 8 years old, but before that enjoyed singing and playing the keyboard. She was part of orchestras, cello groups and  a quartet in her teenage years. She stopped her classical training at seventeen when A-levels got in the way. However, during University she got her inspired to keep going and delve into different music styles. Cat has played with a huge variety of artists and musicians, and in the last few years has been doing more recording and gigging. Cat is very flexible and likes to play in any style! She’s best at improv and can help create/arrange parts and harmonies in recording. Cat also sings herself, plays piano and percussion and writes her own songs.

Collaborations with other artists:

Would you like Cat to record/play with you?

Get in touch! email with your requirements and we’ll talk fees and expectations!

Cat is happy to travel – though be aware carrying a cello about is tricky sometimes. It is possible to record and send tracks over, if for samples/initial ideas or for the real deal, as well as recording on location – in your studio, college, or bedroom! (She’s done it all).


Artists/Musicians that Cat has collaborated with:

Rivers & Robots (Recording, Manchester) Leila Fay (EP launch Gig Bristol) Joyce The Librarian (Mini UK tour and recording in a Shed) Carly Escoto (Recording on EP, California) Anne-Marie Firmin (Recording and gigging, Bristol) Quiescent (Gigging and recording, Bristol)  Jonsen (Gigging and recording, Cardiff) Lizzie Stanley (Gig, London) Erika Kelly (Recording, London) Matthew Carter (Recording and gigging, Oxford) Fran Hope (Gigging, Bristol) Harry & the Gondolas (Recording, Bristol) Evan J Roberts (Recording, Oxford)


Sam Hargreaves (in the works) – 2017

Jim Rogers (in the works) – 2017

Chris Greenhalgh – Beyond what we sing  – 2016

Rivers & Robots – The Eternal Son – 2016

Matthew Carter – Patterns EP  – 2015

Cello and BV’s on Harry & the Gondolas EP – 2015

Erika Kelly  – Red Lights  – 2014

Carly Escoto –  Light the dark  – 2013

Played at:

Hay-On-Wye Festival // The Volunteer Tavern // Birdcage // Urban Wood // Mr Wolffs // The Oxford // The Golden Guinea // The Thunderbolt // David’s Tent // The Square Club // Bristol Harbour Festival // The Thekla // The Pursuit // All Hallows Bow // St Stephen’s Twickenham // Vintage LA // Risenchurch Westside // LICC // Spring Harvest Alt Venue